The Salem Community Life Center (also called the Council on Aging) serves the needs of Salem residents with a variety of services and activities including cultural programs, special events, exercise classes, sightseeing trips, museum tours, book clubs, in- and out-oftown trips, social services, daily hot lunches, and overall support services to ensure that all residents can maximize the quality of their life.

For those over 55 or disabled, the CLC offers transportation to medical appointments, grocery shopping, and other personal appointments, as well as transportation to and from the center itself. CLC vans are ready to help you get to your appointments by simply registering for a ride in advance.

The CLC social services team assists individuals with health insurance whether retiring, choosing new insurance, or just looking for help navigating the health insurance maze. CLC social workers provide help with housing, food benefits, fuel assistance, and more. If you need help, contact the CLC to schedule an appointment to see a social worker.

Find out more at or call 978-744-0924. 5 Broad Street. 8am-4pm weekdays with extended hours to 7pm on Thursdays.

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