Salem for All Ages is about creating a welcoming, livable, and supportive community
for people of all ages, abilities, and interests.

What is an Age-Friendly city? According to the World Health Organization ( WHO), it’s a place that makes a conscious effort to encourage active aging, a place that provides opportunities for such things as good health, inclusion and security. It’s a place that enhances the quality of life for people as they age.

In Salem we went further. We believe that an Age-Friendly city is a city for all ages. We believe that whether it’s a park bench, adequate transportation or excellent health services, these things will help the elderly but they’ll help everyone who lives in Salem thus we call our initiative “Salem for all ages”.

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Upcoming Activities & Events

Sunday, January 16

W O L F D R E A M // Submission Deadline (Call For Art)

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Monday, January 17

MLK Day: Collaging our Identities

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Wednesday, January 19

Sister Season of Sorrow: Caitlin and Nicole Duennebier

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One in every five survey respondents (20%) reported not feeling that opinions and thoughts of older residents are valued.

35% of Salem residents aged 65 to 74 remain in the workforce; 5% of those 75 and older are also in the workforce.

84% of survey respondents report that having a range of volunteer opportunities in their community is important and 80% report that having opportunities to be involved in decision-making in Salem is important to them as residents.

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