Written by Chloe-Rose Crouch, AARP Massachusetts Outreach Intern

“AARP’s Livable Communities Initiative strives to help communities become great places to live for people of all ages by focusing on eight “Domains of Livability:”  housing, transportation, social participation, access to information, outdoor spaces, health services, social inclusion, and civic participation.

Salem, one of the first five cities to join Massachusetts’ Network of Age -Friendly Communities, established a Taskforce on Aging to foster changes in their community.

Patricia Zaido, Co-Chair of the Salem for All Ages Task Force, along with members of the Social Participation Subcommittee, designed a training called “How to Communicate with Older Adults.” The training targets two critical domains: communication and information, and respect and social inclusion. Zaido’s work reminds us that equitable access to information and the inclusion of everyone is essential to creating a more livable community.”

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