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Lucifer, the Light Bearer by Witch High Priest Karagan Griffith

July 13, 2019 @ 7:30 pm

nSeating is limited in this beautiful intimate mystical chamber, so register now. No shoes are worn in the Temple and no food or liquids are allowed. For more details, call Nu Aeon customer service at 800-MASTERY (800-627-8379). nCost is $30 for individual workshop. nFestivities in the Cosmic Connection Star Temple at Nu Aeon, 88 Wharf St., Pickering Wharf, Salem, Massachusetts. nFor Tickets go to CLICK HERE! nnnKaragan Griffith is the Witch High Priest of the Queensberry Coven in Boston. He has been a good friend to my family, an excellent collaborator, and a trusted brother to me in the Art Magickal. Known for his podcasts “Hidden Light” and “On the Black Chair”, Karagan has developed his research and interest for Traditional Witchcraft lore and practices over the years, having been in contact with several practitioners of the old Art. His fascination for the Luciferian influences in the Western traditions took him on a quest of knowledge and revelation. Contact with the works of Madeline Montalban, Michael Howard and Andrew Chumbley, took him into a deeper level in search for answers about Lucifer his roots and origins in western occultism. What he found was a fascinating and revealing truth that one could only find in hidden places.” Join us for this informative and inspiring evening. nnn“Lucifer is known by many names. His story and his reputation have been misunderstood for millennia. From the brother of Diana in “Gospel of the Witches” to the story of the Garden of Eden, Lucifer is well known to all. But do we know who he really is? Is he the devil of the Christians? Is he the Morning Star of the Gnostics and occultists? An interesting talk about the origins of Luciferian traditions in western occultism, a tour through the meaning and destiny of one of the most misunderstood Spirits of all ages.” nParking on Pickering Wharf is a challenge. Make plans to arrive in Salem early enough so you can park and join us on time. We will wait 15 minutes for those who may be delayed, but doors will close at 7:45 sharp, Please arrive at Nu Aeon least 15 minutes early. *Also, before our events there are no restroom facilities available, but the restaurant next door may be accommodating to our visitors. nn Source: https://www.salem.org/event/lucifer-the-light-bearer-by-witch-high-priest-karagan-griffith/


July 13, 2019
7:30 pm
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