“Sand for Seniors” is a program where a member of the Salem Police Department will deliver a bucket of sand to Salem senior citizens who are physically unable to get some on their own. The senior can spread it on their icy walkways, steps, etc.  Not only does the program hope to prevent falls, but it is also a way to promote positive community interactions between Salem seniors and the police department that serves them.

Salem seniors can call Rosanna Donahue at the Council On Aging at (978) 744-0924 and request a bucket. The Salem Police Department will do its best to have an officer deliver a full bucket of sand out to that resident within a week. The bucket is then the seniors to keep for future use.

The Salem Council On Aging and the Salem Police Department thank Home Depot for their generous donation of 75 buckets and lids for the Salem senior community. We also thank the Salem Department of Public Works for providing the sand!

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